Preparing the holiday suitcase

I count the hours, minutes, and seconds. I need to goooooooooooooo! And here is the hot issue: The holidays suitcase.

 By Ino Kohen

Don’t take the biggest you have, in order to fill it with everything. As bigger it is, as more useless things will have. If you have a huge suitcase, you are in danger to:

  • Sit on it in order to get it closed.
  • Embarrass yourself when they will say on the ship “look, one more woman striving to carry her bags”.
  • Start your holidays with a fighting with your girl or boyfriend by the time he or she will try to get the car closed.

Start with a small bag. When filled, continue with a bigger bag like Longchamp. When you don’t need them, can be fold. A usually take two small bags with wheels. They are elegant and light.

Before run, think about where are you going and why. In the village, in the island, for climbing Olympus? And what’s the reason you are going? For swimming, for night life, for having fun with your kids, to torture yourself in Samaria Canyon? So, clothes are picked accordingly. I know, it is not physics, but I have been with city dresses in the island and finally wearing beach clothes all day.

Let’s suppose that we go somewhere for swimming and not in the Himalayas.

We cover the bottom of the suitcase with things like socks, swimsuits, charger.

Pareo: A great invention. Take as many as you can. Because:

  • They cover a little space.
  • They vary, like dresses, blouses, skirts, scarves. Search for modern combs.
  • They can become beach towels. They get dry very quickly, don’t collect too much salt and can be easily washed.

Cotton shirts: Many but only the type you like and suits you. If you want much more white. A golden rule is that when you are on holidays for discovering and searching the place, where you don’t need to be elegant, take simple cotton shirts that can be left behind at the end of your holidays. I have done that in an exotic destination.

Swimsuits: Too many. Together with pareo are your basic clothes. I buy an expensive one and 2-3 cheaper to change regularly. This year I like turquoise set with pareo. Find your style and buy only this.

Choose 3 summer trousers, mini jean skirts and shorts. Not 10 shorts, 5 skirts and 4 trousers. I intend to get 2-3 capri in different colors and maybe a skirt. Shorts don’t fit me.

The big question: Jeans; Yes and no. A pair of jeans is always useful and stylish. But, for an unknown reason I never wear it because I get hot and reminds me of the city (Athens) . I will find the middle solution, which means light summer jeans included in the category of summer capri.

Dresses: Summer, light, cotton dresses!

In case it blows, to avoid wearing your companion’s disgusting jacket (for which you screamed not to buy), have your own. A jean jacket, a white long shirt (that doesn’t need to be ironed), a white blouse.

Jewellery: We don’t get into the sea loaded with every jewel we have. I will take with me only two big necklaces, boho earrings, a swatch and rings that I don’t care to lose.

Shoes: Avoid the woman’s drama who falls on the ground with the high heels. Only chic flat shoes and at least two flip flops.

All shoes can be packed in special cases to save space. All the same with the underwear.  Not at the top of the suitcase, the first thing that comes out when accidentally opened will be this.

Hat: Tragic when it blows and you realize that the only thing protecting your face from the sun is a male baseball hat. I put it in the suitcase reluctantly. But I also take with me a panama in order to wear it when travelling or buy it from the place I am visiting.

Books: After so many years, I decided not to make my suitcase heavier for more than 10 kilos, carrying my whole bookcase. Yes, I read during my holidays a lot. My solution is kindle, what saves me time and money. iPad cannot be read on the beach, unless I have not yet discovered the way. If you don’t like technology, then think about buying at the local bookshop.

Weight: Put all the heavy, i.e. books, shoes at the top of your suitcase. In this way, they push clothes and keep them unruffled. If you are the organizing Goddess, you can wrap some clothes in rice paper.

Appearance: What should I wear in the journey; whatever that can make you feel comfortable, but not pyjamas and slippers, unless you get on the ship at night and from the back door. Prefer uniforms and mainly a blouse to avoid get a cold from the air-conditioning. Closed shoes, i.e. all-star and a buggy scarf it can always be useful.

Cosmetics, the serious problem: I may have a light suitcase but only my cosmetics can weight 3 kilos. All types of sunscreens (face, hair, body……. Not to mention that in the part I used to buy also for mouth and lips). Eye creams for day and night. Don’t torture your skin with samples, unless is one your own creams. De maquigaz nippers (the revolution in technology). Your perfume in a small bottle or cream. Toothbrush and toothpaste. I like it very much when they are finished by the time I am ready to return home, I save space in my suitcase.

Don’t leave your house without:

  • Mobile charger. My last time I bought one that I always carry with me.
  • Pastille for mosquitoes bites. I don’t even think about running out of them.
  • ID/ Passport. I faced the nightmare in the airport when I realized that I didn’t have my passport and id with me. Thank god I was travelling to a U.U. country.
  • Money. There ΑΤΜs but keep an amount to feel safe and change for the tolls.
  • Whatever medicine / vitamins you take on a daily basis. When I had visited Africa I had a first aid kit of my own…
  • Whatever Is really necessary and cannot be found in your destination.


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