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Νέα Poseidon

Here you can find useful information about our village Tolo and events that take place but also many more useful articles.

Surfιng: Learning surfing

October 29, 2016

Huge waves, golden beaches, ethereal people and nonstop action surrounded by the water. Reminds you of exotic places but you don’t have to go so far. Surfing lives and rules in the Greek seas and we can give you tips and information about how to ……prevail over waves. Thinking about surfing pictures from golden beaches … Continue reading

First time holidays with my kid: What to pay attention of

August 1, 2016

Are you going on holidays with the new member of your family? The time has come for the difficult family responsibilities… The truth is that the first time on holidays with your child you don’t really relax. The only thing that changes is that you don’t have to go to the office, but the responsibilities … Continue reading