Surfιng: Learning surfing

Huge waves, golden beaches, ethereal people and nonstop action surrounded by the water. Reminds you of exotic places but you don’t have to go so far. Surfing lives and rules in the Greek seas and we can give you tips and information about how to ……prevail over waves.

Thinking about surfing pictures from golden beaches with coconut trees and huge waves come to our mind. Actually, Greece isn’t inferior to those countries. Surfing in our country has become really popular recently, by attracting more and more men and women.

What surfers should know about it;
Sufing doesn’t have specific rules, but requires patience, persistence and attention – specially if you are a beginner. You need to be really fit, a great swimmer and think carefully of any decision, because any mistake can cost you a lot. Only after years of experience together with the right guidance by experts, can somebody manage the famous “paddling”. What is that? Paddling is a procedure that the surfer lays of the surfing board, his chest is upwards, all his weight is on the center of the board and his hands move like paddles in order to move while being on the surface of the water. In order to succeed needs to be extremely focused, balanced and fast. Here is the hard thing, after paddling you will have to stand on the board.

Now you will meet the waves face to face, it’s the moment when you must show your composure since at least your first time before you realize it you will probably fall off your board, into the water. At this point your sunbed may look tempting but you should not give up trying, continue “hunting” the unique feelings that are following. Feeling the air and the sea on your face or opening unexisting roads its surely exciting. Sooner or later you will catch your first wave and then you will feel like flying on it. It is a strictly personal feeling but it is worthy. “If someone doesn’t taste the magic cannot truly understand” the surfers say.

The best thing before buying the appropriate equipment is to visit a school of surf in a beach, in order to learn the basic techniques about this sport. The best beaches for beginners that will be really helpful to keep your balance are those with middle air, small waves and shallow water.

Get the correct equipment

Surfer needs a board and a isothermal suits. The surfer board are mostly produced by a specific material in order to be light and they are covered with fiberglass in order to be endurable. So, from this point of view you don’t have any other choice.  You can let your imagination free concerning the style and the colours. We would suggest bright colours with summer figures or pictures.   During the winter period the low temperature – especially in the water – will lead you to buy the special wetsuits that can keep your body warm. These suits are made of Neoprene (rubber, synthetic rubber material), which is specially designed for this purpose, the colour of the suits is up to you.  Finally, you will wax in order to cover your board, so as to not slipper when being on it.

A surfing board can cost you from 350 up to 800 euros, which varies depending on the manufacturing company, the size and the material. If you don’t want to exceed the 400 euros, you can buy a second-hand board that will keep you within your budget, especial if you are at your first steps.

The suit you will need mainly during the winter period isn’t compulsory but it would be better if you have one.  The prices start from 150 euros up to 500 euros depending on the material and the thickness of the suit. Wetsuits can be found in the already mentioned shops.


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